Choose a taste of ice cream for dog and ... 


Cucciolo - PUPPY, with coconut flakes and cream of rice 

Adulto - ADULT, with pineapple and ginseng.  

Senior & Light, with yogurt and carrot. 

Today YOUR DOG ' the ICE RIGHT ENJOY by cheerfully and ... WITH YOU !!!

The ingredients of our ice creams are designed for the dog according to his youth . We propose segeguenti tastes : Puppy, with coconut flakes and cream of rice ; Adult , with pineapple and ginseng ; Senior & Light with yogurt and carrot. All tastes are ideal supplements for a healthy diet and regular every dog ​​of any breed and every period of their lives . In addition , every taste is enriched with inulin , fiber extracted from chicory , which helps the growth of helpful bacteria that thus pass unscathed the gastric barrier , coming alive in the intestine , favoring the balance of flora and stimulating the immune system . If you would like to receive further information or to try our products for your dog, CLICK HERE and fill out the contact form . You will be contacted as soon as possible!