Choose an ice cream taste for dog and ... 


Cucciolo - PUPPY, with coconut flakes and cream of rice 

Adulto - ADULT, with pineapple and ginseng.  

Senior & Light,  with yogurt and purple carrot

Today YOUR DOG has "THE RIGHT ICE CREAM", to enjoy it happily and... WITH YOU!!!

The ingredients of our ice creams are designed for the dog according to its youth. We offer the following flavours: Cucciolo, with coconut flakes and rice cream; Adult, with pineapple and ginseng; Senior & Light with yogurt and carrot. All flavors are ideal supplements for a healthy and regular diet for any dog ​​of any breed and in any period of its life. Furthermore, each flavor is enriched with inulin, a fiber extracted from chicory, which helps the growth of useful bacteria which thus pass the gastric barrier unscathed, reviving in the intestine, promoting the balance of the flora and stimulating the immune system. If you would like to receive more information or try our products for your dog, CLICK HERE and fill out the contact form. You will be contacted as soon as possible! 

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