Why Ice Dog

- Highly palatable 

- Ideal for dogs who perform intense physical activity 

- Moisturizing, toning and strengthening 

- Ideal for help in case of digestive problems 

- Gives relief to dogs suffering from inflammation of the upper respiratory tract such as tracheitis, bronchitis, flu, etc. 

- Excellent hepatic tonic thanks to the therapeutic properties contained in the ginseng root. 

ICE DOG, ice cream for your dog, in addition to containing protein with an excellent nutritional value also has the characteristic of being low in fat and sugar, replaced by fructose (low glycemic index). 

In addition there is the inulin fiber extracted from chicory, which helps the growth of helpful bacteria that thus pass unscathed the gastric barrier, coming alive in the intestine, favoring the' balance of flora and stimulating the immune system. Our goal is not to humanize the dog, but make sure that a gesture of affection on the part of the owner is of benefit to him and improve his health by making it fresh his days. 

We like to express this with the term "Wellness Ice Dog", to have a healthy and happy friend at our side. 

Products designed by Dr. Marco Marchi, food scientist, in collaboration with renowned veterinarians

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