How did the ICE DOG idea

The idea comes from intuition and the personal experiences of two friends, Michael and Diego, engaged respectively in the ice cream and related industry the first, the second within canine. 

Their goal is to provide a food for our 4-legged friends , which can be integrated in a ealthy dog ​​supply. After a series of studies carried out by a veterinarians and nutritionists team, finally arrives ICE DOG, 

with suitable ingredients for human consumption, composed exclusively from

raw materials suitable for a healthy and balanced nutrition. 

Is thus produced a high quality supplementary nutritional  food, low in fat, sugar free (replaced by fructose), with inulin, a chicory fiber which promotes the intesinal flora balance and stimulates the immune system. In short, a way to share a pleasant moment with our furry friend, knowing that in a balanced supplement his diet. Designed for pups with coconut flakes and rise's cream, for adult dogs with pineapple and ginseng and finally to senior with yogurt and purple carrot.

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